Football Head Jig Rod 2021

Football Head Jig Rod. 7’4″ extra heavy casting rod. Accomodates nearly any plastic bait and flat out catches fish.

football head jig rod
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Adding flair to your swing head jig. Cast it out, let it sink, and then use your rod to slowly move the bait along the bottom before you reel to pull in the slack.

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Cast them out and let them get to the bottom. Contact alex at alx and ask him what rod series is equal at longer lengths if that is your preference.

Football Head Jig Rod

Fish can’t use the jig head for leverage either.Football heads are the only jig heads on the market that achieve consistent roof of the mouth hookups on crappie.Football jig heads are perfect for fishing any soft plastic bait efficiently along the bottom.For reference my custom alx jig rods are serial # 201202 to 204.

Hayabusa shooting ball football head jig 3pk.He gave one he had been using on the sabine river away at a class i attended.He says he bought 100 of them and keeps them in his house in case falcon ever stops making them.He uses that rod for just about all deep water applications except crankbait and swimbait.

I got the hard head from larew when it came out, i watched the videos and listened and then i began to use it and i’ll give you my take.I got to thinking of it when looking at a new lure where part of the head separates from the rest of the football jig.If he notices the bass striking his football jig on the pause, mcclelland prefers a trailer that will move a lot without any added action from his rod tip.If you hit something bigger, lift the jig a little to free it but then keep slowly plowing the bottom.

Impulse rods top pick for this technique is the 7’3″ heavy extra fast.It’s football head design is hand painted and oven baked for superior durability.Jeff kreit recomended the mike mclelland rod from falcon for football jigs.Kahara kaharaba football finesse rubber tungsten jigs.

Keitech tungsten football jig model 2 version 2.Keitech tungsten mono guard jig heads keitechLearn how to fish a football jig in the right locations.Lunker lure rattlin’ football head jigs.

One of the best ways to use a football head is also the simplest:One secret technique that we use when we get one of these jigs is to hold the jig in our left hand and pull the weedguard away from the hook without pulling it out completely.Our number one selling rod because of.Owner football finesse head 4pk.

Pause every three to six feet and let the jig rest while you jiggle it in place.Picasso tungsten football heads 2pk.Rod accessories reels all reels casting reels conventional reels.Swinging hook football jig heads 1/4oz swinging hook football jig heads 3/8oz swinging.

Tackle hd stealth hd jig head 3pk.Take the fish deep in their own yard with a football shaped head and a loose swinging worm hook following behind.The 201202 is the rod i recommend for football jigs.The claimed a high percentage of lose ratio without the head that separates.

The difference between a fixed football head and a free swinging one is pretty big, the hook is also different and so if the presentation, the bait is doing its onw thing while you move the head, a lot of possibilities.The football head can also be used with short hops along the bottom.The football head jig is a mainstay for any bass fishing tackle box.The football jig can be used for winter, summer, spring, or fall bass fishing

The football live action hybrid jig features a unique head design that minimizes snags while enhancing your bait’s action upon deflection.The head also allows the jig to land in the optimal upright strike position, and it features a unique hook attachment that allows the hook to swing freely behind the head, enhancing your bait’s action.The presentation becomes similar to a shakey head, as it keeps the head of the worm down and lets the tail stick up.The reason most bass fishing jigs hang up is that they flop over on their sides once on the bottom.

The.028 diameter stainless wire weed guard allows this jig to be fished through heavy cover, weeds, grass lines, rocks, and stumps without sacrificing hook up ratios.They just don’t come off.This enables you to pull it free from the same path it went in.This heavy hitter has all the advantages of a football jig with the added action provided by the swinging hook that imparts more.

This innovative design helps create the illusion of foraging prey or a crawfish in a defensive position.View full details save $0.54.We changed the elevation of the weedguard and upsized the hook to a 5/0.We cover the best bass fishing locations when using a jig and the best jig fishing techniques to catch more bass.

When you set the hook on a football head, black nickel mustad ultrapoint hook, the chance of losing the fish is minimal.With the rod about two or three o’clock slowly reel it along the bottom.Without the restriction of a locked in place hook, the worm on the back will have some extra subtle movement as it.“when the bass are sluggish and eating my jig while it’s sitting still, i like to use a zoom brush hog or zoom baby brush hog as a.

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